Our Expertise

Dietitian Expertise and Experience: You know how important diet can be for good health. Often, such as with diabetes, cancer, heart disease and many other medical issues, proper nutrition is an essential component of your care. You can have confidence in the counseling and education registered services we provide. Rigorous education and testing ensure that a registered dietitians we offer the most current information and best guidance. Nourishing Nutritional dietitians meet these standards:

  • Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist.
  • Masters of Science – Human Nutrition
  • Certificate in Weight Management
  • Speaker

Our nutritionists work in clinical settings, often in one-on-one situations with our patients , as well as sometimes with their families, in assessing, designing, and implementing dietary strategies and nutritional therapies. Our overall goal is to help you achieve optimum nutritional goals. We can also help if the aim is to address a particular medical issue, which can include hypertension, diabetes, or obesity.